Drug and Meth Lab Cleanup

Once a property has tested positive for meth, it is vital that any property contaminated with methamphetamine residue is effectively cleaned and decontaminated in order to create a safe living environment, free from harmful chemicals. This is where Local Trauma Clean comes in! Offering a cost effective and timely solution for responding to a meth lab, our certified technicians have the correct training and tools to completely eliminate any toxic substances and residue from residential and commercial properties. We hold ourselves to the highest standards in bio-hazardous clean up and can provide a full decontamination/remediation.

Lab Cleanup

At Local Trauma Clean, we carry out extensive testing for hazardous chemicals using SCC/GLP recognized labs and can assure results back in a timely manner. Our method of using compressed air foam technology is specifically engineered to lift contaminates off surfaces and capture them for removal and has been proven to be more effective in hazmat conditions. All equipment used has been approved by Health Canada, CDC and the World Health Organization (WHO).

Highly toxic drug and chemical residue will cover most surfaces in a former meth lab causing a significant amount of damage and, though it may not be visible to the naked eye, can be extremely dangerous. Exposure to meth can cause side effects such as memory loss, sleeplessness, paranoia, convulsions, dry/burning eyes and/or skin, chest pains, cough and shortness of breath. Prolonged exposure can also cause chronic health impacts such as permanent psychological disorders, lung and kidney disorders and brain damage.

With such health risks, it is wise to put the task of remediation to professionals as it can’t be simply wiped away – this can be even more dangerous as it can spread or re-contaminate structures! The decontamination of meth labs is a tricky and intricate process with several precautions involved.

Our clean up service includes:

  • Assessment of the site
  • Sampling and testing for meth
  • Content removal
  • Decontamination
  • Clean up

Read our full 12-step meth cleanup process here

Our team of expert technicians can complete these steps efficiently, discreetly, effectively, completely and in confidence that we can restore the property to safe standards to allow for safe occupancy.

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